Det bes for Norge i kirkerover hele verden

Etter terroraksjonene 22.7.2011 har Norges Kristne Råd mottatt hilsener og kondolanser fra lokale, nasjonale og regionale kirker og økumeniske råd fra ulike deler av verden. Nedenfor finner du disse.


Etter terroraksjonene 22.7.2011 har Norges Kristne Råd mottatt hilsner og kondolanser fra lokale, nasjonale og regionale kirker og økumeniske råd fra ulike deler av verden.


Scandinavian Chinese Christian Church in Oslo

Dear Norwegian friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, 

Yesterday was the Day of Mourning for the tragedy happened exactly a month ago. The hearts and minds of the Christians in the SCCC Oslo go to all Norwegians in general and those victims, their families and friends in particular. It was really a shock for everyone in the Chinese community just as much as it was in you. May Gods comfort and peace continue to be with you. 

The SCCC Oslo had a special prayer action in the church the very first Sunday after the event. We took part in different prayers, silence publicly and we have been remember you also in our private prayers. Yesterday we had a collective prayer during the service. In my sermon I urged my congregation to stand up with the whole society not just to share the pain and sorrow, but to reflect and most importantly to be an active part of an open, democratic and free Norwegian society by living an authentic Christian life. 

We would like to thank Norway for your great openness, and generosity to receive people from all over the world regardless of ethnicity,religion or culture, including the Chinese. Because of this democratic and open policy that demonstrate a human hope that man can live together in peace and the a small nation can make big difference. We as migrants are no long strangers, and are not always stand as receivers. We should love Norway as our own country (guo) and own family (jia). In Christ there is not east and west, north and south. Today for us, to live a hopeful and constructive life in the Norwegian society is in fact an effective fightback to the one who wanted to kill the hope  and to destruct future of Norway. We Christians would join together and say: Never!!

Here I would like to express, on behalf of the whole congregation and the Chinese community, our deep condolences, our love and solidarity with all the churches and brothers and sisters who are directly or indirectly effected by such tragedy. We want to especially thank bishops, pastors, congregations and related Christian organizations that have been in the for front of this destruction, to comfort, to reconstruct and to bring hope to the individuals, families and the whole society.  It was the most touching moment in the minneserimoni when I watch the representatives of main religious organizations standing together, to bring the message of faith, hope and love to the suffering nation. We shall stand together and we shall overcome! 

In St. Paul's words:  "For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor power, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation. will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord." Rom 8.38-39

God bless you, and your ministry.    
Pastor Xida Chen
Scandinavia Chinese Christian Church in Oslo


World Council of Churches

On behalf of the World Council of Churches, we would like to express our deep shock and sadness caused by the terrible attacks on humans, youth, civil servants, Norwegian leadership and the people and society as a whole perpetrated in Oslo and on Utoyea.

At the same time, we wish to express our deepest solidarity with the people, churches, and authorities of Norway. These horrible acts of violence have shaken us and our foundations but, at the same time, have caused us to recommit ourselves to join our forces and values to promote a world free of hatred, violence, racism, discrimination and intolerance.

We ensure you of our total support for continuing to deepen and promote the Christian and moral values that are indispensably part of the common values systems of the Norwegian churches and society and of the ecumenical movement.

We have registered with deep respect the call issued in this very sense by the highest authorities of Norway, as well as the moving public recommitment of the Norwegian people towards these values. We will keep praying for your nation and people and above all for the families of those who were victimized.

May God help Norway and all of us to overcome the wounds and consequences of these acts of terror!

Yours in our common Lord, crucified and risen,

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit
General Secretary

Rev. Dr Walter Altmann
Moderator, Central Committee


National Council of Churches in Australia
10 August 2011

Greetings from the National Council of Churches in Australia, on behalf of the member churches I express our deep concern and solidarity at the horrific events in Oslo and Utøya Island on 22nd July.

The hearts of all Ausrtalians share the pain of the people of Norway as they mourn the loss of life through violence. Even though we are unable to comprehend your experience we are deeply saddened by the pain many are experiencing at this time.

Last Thursday during the Australian National Dialogue of Christians, Muslims and Jews time was given to remembering the victims, their families and the people of Norway, on behalf of the Dialogue group I convey their expressions of concern and sympathy. Each of the other faith communities have written to the Norwegian Consul in Australia but were keen for me to pass on an assurance of their prayers for the people of Norway and the return of peace to the community.

After these violent events Norway has been robbed of the sense of safety and security in the community. May God guide church and community leaders to enable the return of peace to your community and the confidence that the streets and public spaces are safe.

I am also aware that the United Theological College had included the tragedy in Norway in their Chapel prayers. At this time may I assure you of the continuing prayers, both the NCCA and the Australian Churches. Please be assured that the Norway Christian Council, your member churches and the people of Norway will remain in our thoughts and prayers both in these days, as well as the coming weeks.

May God strengthen and support you and all affected by these tragic events.

Grace and peace,

Reverend Tara Curlewis,
General Secretary

Conference of European Churches
Geneva, 25 July 2011

Dear Friends in Norway,

I am writing to you today to personally express the deep sorrow and sadness we feel for all the victims and their families from this past weekend’s incomprehensible violence that has affected all of Norway.

Upon hearing the tragic news of the bombing in Oslo and the shootings from the island of Utoya, we sent out a call offering the following prayer:


Once again we stand before you and pray for innocent victims of violence. Today we pray for the citizens of Norway and in particular those caught up in the bombing in Oslo, and in the shootings at the youth rally on Utoya. Please be with all those affected, and help us to understand how and why such violence is too often perpetrated in our world today.  

We pray for and hold up to you those directly affected, and their families. Be with them in this, their time of distress and need.  In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen


On behalf of the Conference of European Churches, H.E. Metropolitan Emmanuel, the President of CEC, and myself, we wish to send our deepest condolences to the families of all the victims touched by this horror, and to all the people of Norway. Please know that you continue to be in our prayers.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Prof. Dr Viorel Ionita
Interim General Secretary

The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
Monday 25th July 2011

The Episcopal Church of the Sudan condemns the heinous acts of violence that took place on Saturday in Oslo. We have been deeply saddened by the reports that have reached us detailing the deaths of at least 93 people at the hands of one man. Those killed where defenseless and blameless. The grief and shock these victims’ families now experience is all too familiar to the Sudanese people.

The Kingdom of Norway has been a great friend and advocate to the Episcopal Church of the Sudan and to the Sudanese people for decades in our time own times of attack, distress and hardship. The people of Norway too shall now find a way to endure their loss aas we have done with the help of God, and support and prayers from brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.


May the God Lord be your comfort and strength now and always.

The most Rev. Dr. Daniel Deng Bul Yak,
Archbishop, Primate and Metropolitan of the Province of The Episcopal Church of the Sudan and Bishop of the Diocese of Juba.

All Africa Conference of Churches


We read with dismay and utter shock the tragic news of the bombing and gruesome mass killing of over 100 distinguished young citizens at a summer camp in the island of Utoeya in Norway.


Taking account of the fact that Norway is known to be a peaceful country and its capital Oslo a place where people gather every year to receive Nobel Peace Awards, the Friday tragedy is a nightmare and beyond human comprehension.


The All Africa Conference of Churches and its constituents have a long partnership relationship with the people of Norway through the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).

It is on account of this and drawing the lessons from the book of “Ecclesiastics” that I found it necessary to send this message of condolence and sympathy to you and your staff, the bereaved families, friends and your government.


My consoling words at this time to the bereaved families are to ask them to stay close to the Lord Jesus and His victorious love will help them not only to cope with the tribulations but also to overcome them. The Psalmist says: “Weeping may endure through the night, but joy comes in the morning” (Ps 30: 5).


Continue to have hope. God is on your side for “He does not abandon His own”.  This is the secret of the saints and heroes of history. They were strong, not because they were self-reliant but because they leaned hard upon God in times of tribulations and distress.


This morning, we held a special service with the staff of NCA in Kenya to pray for the souls of the victims in a short memorial service. Mr Gaim Kebreab, the Regional Director of NCA, brought greetings and a short message.


May the souls of the departed rest in eternal peace.


Yours sincerely,


Rev. Dr. Andre Karamaga,

General secretary



Oklahoma Conference of Churches

On behalf of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, we write to convey our deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the tragic bombing in Oslo and the senseless killings on Utøya Island last Friday. Having experienced equally senseless carnage when Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 which killed 168 people, including 19 children, we understand something of the pain and suffering which the whole of Norway is experiencing now in the aftermath of Friday’s tragedy.


Please know that yesterday, the churches of Oklahoma prayed for the victims, the families, and all the people of Norway. Know also that we stand in solidarity with the churches of Norway as you minister to the families and help all Norwegians cope with the challenges which such random acts of violence bring to society as a whole. Be assured of our continued prayers and support in the difficult days ahead.

The Rev. Dr. William Tabbernee, 
Executive Director, Oklahoma Conference of Churches


National Council of Churches, Bangladesh

Greetings from National Council of Churches-Bangladesh! We would like to extend our condolences to the families of all those who tragically lost their lives in this horrific attack by bombing in Oslo and shooting on Utoya island and also with those who are injured. We are horrified to see that nowadays humans are able to put in practice such an awful plan, which is totally opposing the goodness and righteousness of God. Norway’s strong Christianity has been a significant contributor on global peace efforts. But this is an extremely difficult time for the people of Norway and it was an attack ondemocracy.


We pray that God’s glory will be revealed to the nations and God helps us to establish a peaceful and

harmonious social structure without hate and revenge and with His mercy. We should commitment to

overcome violence and any attempt to attack our values of the kingdom of God.


We also strong urge with this that the concern authorities to ensure exemplary punishment to this notorious acts with proper investigation. God gives His compassion to all of us.


Yours faithfully,


Rev. David A Das

General Secretary

National Council of Churches, Bangladesh [NCCB]



Taizé in solidarity with Norway


With all our brothers in Taizé, we share in the tragedy that has struck Norway, for you know how dear your country is to us. Our hearts suffer and weep with those who are suffering. Bewildered by such a trial, we wish to be witnesses to the compassion of God, and through our prayer we wish to support you in your grief — the Church in Norway, so many young people whom we know, and all the inhabitants of your country.


In the church in Taizé, we entrusted all the victims to God, and I said this prayer: Christ Jesus, we entrust to you the victims of the attacks in Norway. In the face of the suffering of the innocent, we are at a loss. We turn to you and ask you from the depths of our heart: Welcome those who died into your Kingdom, be close to their families and support those who attempt to comfort them in their grief.


Ecumenical council of churches in the Czech Republic

On behalf of Ecumenical council of churches in the Czech Republic, I would like to express you, brothers and sisters in Ecumenical council of Norway and all people in Norway who are now deeply touched by the tragedy in Oslo and Utöya, our solidarity with you. We are praying for all those people who were killed and we are with all of you in our minds.

This Friday 29th July, we will come together to Prague's St. Vitus cathedral, to pray for Norwegian people. Norwegian ambassador in Prague, Mr.Jens Eikaas, will come too.

With best regards,

Sandra Silna (Zalabova)

general secretary of Ecumenical council of churches, Prague, Czech Republic



The United Methodist Church

July 26, 2011

Dear Sister Nielsen and Reverend Steen,

Your sisters and brothers in Christ in the United Methodist Church throughout the world stand with you and the people of Norway in the face of this shocking and tragic act of violence that has shattered the peace of your beautiful land. 

No words can express the magnitude of our sorrow as we witness the agony you are suffering now. Pleace know that our love and prayers are with you.

May God rush to comfort all who are in pain; and may peace return and abide with you.

Faithfully yours,

The Reverend Dr. Stephen J. Sidorak Jr.

General Secretary,

The General Comission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns, The United Methodist Church



The Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town


25th July 2011


My dear sisters and brothers in Christ and to all the people of Norway,

I cannot be silent in the face of the horror and brutality of the bombing in Oslo and mass murder of young people in Norway.

I feel saddened and shocked by this outrageous lack of regard for human life and more angered by stories emerging about the justification for such violence. I trust that firm and tough legal action will be taken against Anders Behring Breivik.

On behalf of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, I send our prayers and condolences to the family members of those who died and those who were injured and to the faithful in Norway at this tragic time. We realise that this eruption of violence has shaken you as a nation to your very core. We hope that you will know that the thoughts and prayers of the world are with you and that you will find consolation and strengthen from this.

For all of us who are people of faith – whatever our tradition – these horrific events must serve as a tragic reminder of our need to continue to witness against intolerance and violence and of our parallel commitment to assist in the building of peace-filled and inclusive communities and nations.




Christian Council of Asia

August 3rd 2011

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Norwegian Churches:

The Church in Asia join the World Council of Churces and the churches worldwide in expressing our deepest sorrow, our prayers, and our solidarity with the Norwegian people, the churches and the authorities i Norway in your grief and as you come to grips with the recent violence brought about by the shooting and bombing that took place in your country.

We share the gried of the families who lost their loved ones in the senseless shooting at a youth camp and the bombing of government buildings in Oslo. As we express condemnation, we also uphold your tenacity of spirit and the strength of your Christian faith as you remember and honor the lives lost in the senseless tragedy that was committed against a peaceful and peace-loving people.

We would also like to oppose in the strongest terms the blasphemous statement made by the gunman citing Christianity as a justification in his attack on pblic property and a youth camp leaving dozens of people killed.

We also express our deepest respect to the Norwegian people as you re-commit yourselves to the values of love, peace and tolerance, which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ exemplified and taught his diciples.

"Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted... Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God." (Matthew 5. 4,9)

Faithfully yours, 

Henriette Hutabarat Lebang

General Secretary



The Church of North India

The Church of North India strongly condemns the unjust violence brought to us by the shooting and bombing that took place in Norway. We express our deepest sorrow, our prayers and our solidarity with the citizens of Norway, the Churches and the Authorities in Norway and share the grief of the families who lost their loved ones in this drastic act of violence.

The Church of North India while expressing stron condemnation to such injustice on the communities of people also uphold you and all our Christian brethren tha May our Lord give you strength to remain strong in Faith and tolerance as you pass through this difficult time.

We also express our deepest respect to the citizens of Norway as the remember and honor the lives lost in this tragedy.

With prayerful wishes.

Yours in His Mission,

Alwan Masih,

General Secretary, The Synod of The Church of North India


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